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Learning to deal with Kodiak Weather

When it comes to transportation or activities on Kodiak Island one of the first questions that always comes up is Kodiak weather. The wind, waves, precipitation, and fog can affect your activity. Whether you are planning an outing by foot, car, 4 wheeler, boat, or plane you should always be cognizant of the Kodiak weather.

Kodiak Weather can change quickly and turn a fun outing into a miserably cold and possibly even dangerous situation if you are not prepared. On the other hand, if you layer your clothing and ensure that you have high quality rain gear you can typically go on and enjoy your outing even if the weather gets a little wet and windy.

If your activity involves either flying or boating then you want to assure that you are fully aware of the possibilities and the forecasts. Also, you need to understand the differences that weather affects different areas of the island. Flying and boating activities are best left to the professionals to take you out and show you a good time. Many Kodiak Island Lodges have pilots and charter captains that know the weather patterns and understand the true meaning of them. Port Lions Lodge located in Port Lions can experience a variety of weather and their captains are very good at reading and understanding the Kodiak Weather. Anyone can get caught out in poor weather conditions but you are usually better off with a person with experience with Kodiak weather. It is so much better to hire a pilot or a guide that is very understanding of the weather and the elements when planning to be in the outdoors on Kodiak Island.

If you are planning an outing on Kodiak make sure to check the weather prior to departure. If your outing involves flying or boating on Kodiak Island hire the pro’s and sit back and enjoy your day. Captain James Stegall

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