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Policies & Procedures

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Download Updated Halibut Limits for 2015

Download this Information & Policies document

Fuel Surcharge Policy

We maintain the right to implement a fuel surcharge if fuel prices in Port Lions exceed $5.00 per gallon.

Reservation Policy

At Port Lions Lodge all reservations are considered tentative until a deposit of 50% of the trip is received. Your trip must be paid in full prior to 90 days from the day of fishing.

Cancellation Policy

Your deposit is refundable with 90 days written cancellation notice. Port Lions Lodge will retain a 5% admin fee. If your trip is cancelled inside of the 90 day window of your start date we will refund you if we are able to fill your vacated space. We will retain 5% as an admin fee. If you need to change the date of your trip we will make every effort to accommodate you. Your advanced notice will greatly assist us in this matter.

Mechanical Cancellations

All efforts will be made to accommodate your fishing around the unforeseeable events by putting you on a different vessel.


Port Lions Lodge will not be responsible for lost time due to weather. If you are concerned about this please purchase travel insurance.

No Smoking

Port Lions Lodge has a no smoking Policy within the Lodge and the cabin of the boat. You may smoke outside on our deck, in our yard, or on the deck of the boat with the captain’s permissions as long as you do not smoke in any location that can be a nuisance to other guest.


Although the crew of Port Lions Lodge has fished our waters for numerous years and are experts at what we do we cannot guarantee the catching of any specific species of sizes of fish. We sell a fishing vacation that provides our clients the opportunity to fish for and very likely catch various species of fish indigenous to our waters.


The owner of the Port Lions Lodge recommends the use of travel insurance. Port Lions Lodge cannot refund last minute cancellations that are beyond our control. Please use Travel Insurance to protect your vacation dollars.

Included in your Port Lions Lodge 5 day / 6 night fishing package price:

Round Trip Transportation from the city of Kodiak to the lodge. You will be picked up in the Kodiak between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM on Sunday and dropped off around Noon on the following Saturday. Be sure to check Raven Avaition schedules (1-800-866-8394) if you are spending the night in Anchorage at 6:30 AM sunday morning as Raven comes out later in the morning.

Please send your flight information to Port Lions Lodge prior to departing on your trip so we can coordinate pick up and drop off times.

Six nights accommodations at Port Lions Lodge

Five days of fully guided fishing from the boat or in the stream (approximately 9 hours per day!)

The provided meals are home cooked and served family style. Breads and desserts are baked fresh daily. We specialize in  Alaska seafood entrees.

Please let us know in advance, of any food allergies because menus are planned and shopping is completed the day before your trip begins.

Salt water fishing equipment is furnished

All fish are cleaned, packaged, frozen and boxed properly for flights back home.

Not included

Fly fishing gear, fishing licenses*, waders, rain gear, alcohol**, shipping of fish***, and gratuities. Gratuities- The staff of Port Lions Lodge will work hard to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe experience. Any gratuities at the end of your trip will be greatly appreciated. Many clients ask what the typical gratuity is at Port Lions Lodge. Average gratuities run 10%- 20%.

* Fishing Licenses can be purchased at the Lodge. If you want to purchase your license with us please forward the information on the license document below to [email protected] and it will be ready for you to sign and purchase when you arrive.

Download this .pdf document for us to help you purchase your licenses

– Or you can purchase your license online.

* If you order online be sure to order early because king stamps will be mailed to your address. They are also available for purchase in the city of Kodiak on your arrival date.

**Alcohol-Port Lions is a damp community. You can have alcohol for your consumption but you cannot purchase it here, nor can we sell it. Alcohol for the week may be purchased upon your arrival to the city of Kodiak. We will not return to the city of Kodiak until your day of departure so be sure to get as much as you need.

***-Shipping of Fish-We will package your fish for shipping at the end of your stay. You will be responsible for any extra baggage charges, freight charges, or shipping charges associated with getting your fish boxes home. Many clients bring their personal belongings in coolers with a duffel type bag inside and the pack their fish inside for the return trip and carry their duffel as a carry on. We also have the use of FedEx and Alaska Air Cargo If you do not want to check your fish as your baggage. Also, please understand that once your packaged fish leaves Port Lions Lodge we cannot be responsible for any unfortunate airline or handling issues that may occur.


Additional Activities Available at Port Lions Lodge

There are endless possibilities for activities at Port Lions Lodge. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in any of the options below so we can schedule the excursion for you.

  • Fly out bear viewing (for an additional charge)
  • Kayaking
  • Whale watching
  • Boat out bear watching
  • Remote beach combing


Gear List – What to bring to our Alaska Fishing Lodge

Information We Need to Best Accommodate You

Our goal is to provide you a relaxing enjoyable trip at the Port Lions Lodge. We want you to arrive at our lodge eager to enjoy the activities planned and with a hearty appetite. We will take care of most everything you need so you can focus on the majestic beauty of Kodiak and Port Lions and your fishing and or hunting.

In order to limit any snafu’s please help us by providing the following information.

Do you or anyone in your group have any food allergies? If so please list them to us and what you do at home to accommodate this individual.

Do you or anyone in your group have foods that you do not care for? We typically serve dinners and lunches that are sea foods indigenous to our area. We will be serving halibut, salmon, and crab as an example. If anyone in your group cannot or does not prefer these dishes let us know and we will strive to ensure each of you has an enjoyable meal.

Do you or anyone in your group have any medical conditions we should be aware of? Please make sure you bring any necessary medications with you in your carry on bag just in case that rare situation happens and your luggage arrives a little later than you do.

Do you or anyone in your group experience sea sickness? Port Lions Lodge and our fishery is very protected by islands all the way around us providing typically calm water (way calmer than any of the other lodges in Alaska) but at times individuals susceptible can have issues. If you are in a group of 4 or more you will have the boat exclusive to your group and we can stay in protected waters. As a preventive measure you can try Dramamine or Bonine but I feel the best preventive measure for sea sickness is the Scopolamine Patch. For information see this link: If you are not into taking meds like these or allergic then Ginger Root is also a good holistic prevention and can be picked up at grocery stores and health food stores.

If fishing in the month of June or the last couple weeks of August through the first couple weeks of September can each member in your group make a leisurely hike of about a mile and a half? We have stream fishing for Sockeyes (reds) in June and Cohos (silvers) in late August through mid September so if everyone is up for the occasion we hike some very pretty trails along a stream to a spectacular fishing hole.

A Few Helpful Notes…

Stream fishing- Your personal fishing equipment – bringing your personal fishing gear is highly recommended. We are utilizing the tackle and gear used on the boat for salt water fishing the entire season and our captains are quick to notice issues and provide maintenance or replace gear and tackle. The stream fishing gear is spread out over the season, used late at night around the lodge, and used along the streams out of our sight. We have found over the years that things get broken and not mentioned to us so we highly recommend you bring your own spinning rods or fly fishing gear if you prefer to stream fish. We will provide spinning gear but cannot guarantee someone hasn’t left it in poor repair before you.  Feel free to call us for our recommendations for lures and tackle. We furnish each fisherman with a starter kit but many lures can be lost in the heat of battle throughout the week.

Staying Comfortable While Fishing – A short, durable raincoat or waterproof, hooded wading jacket is a great choice to go along with chest waders. The chest waders are used to fish the beach in front of the lodge and area rivers in June for sockeyes (red) salmon or later in August when the silver salmon are transitioning from the salt to fresh water. Its a blast to catch these fish and it’s even more fun if you can stay warm and dry while doing it!

No Felt Soled Wading Boots in Alaska Now! The State of Alaska Department Fish & Game no longer allows felt-soled wading boots to be used in Alaska. Effective January 1, 2012, footgear with absorbent felt or other fibrous material on the soles are prohibited while sport fishing in the fresh waters of Alaska. The regulation was put in place to reduce the potential for the introduction and spread of invasive organisms to Alaskan waters. Thank you for keeping Alaskan waters clean and productive! Bring only rubber-soled or other impervious materials (plastics, etc.) to wear with your waders.

Thank you for choosing Port Lions Lodge! Our goal is to show you the trip of a lifetime and win your business and friendship along the way. We love where we live and what we do and can’t wait to share it with you. We are looking forward to your upcoming adventure.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 907-830-0188 or email us

Thank you,

Captain James

E-mail all questions to [email protected] and I will get you your answer as soon as possible!!!!