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Deer Hunting Kodiak Via Transporter

There are many ways for Deer Hunting Kodiak. You can fly to Kodiak and have a bush pilot fly you out and set up a camp and self hunt. You can also come across to Kodiak via ferry into Port Lions on you 4-wheeler and head up into the hills to set up your camp and self hunt. Both of these methods work well but leave you at the mercy of the elements and put you in bear country at night when the big Kodiak Brown Bears are active. Another way to deer hunt Kodiak is to hire a guide and utilize his services for every aspect of your hunt. Another method to deer hunt Kodiak is to hire a lodge/ transporter. This article will focus on how to deer hunt Kodiak utilizing the services of a lodge/ transporter that provides transports via boat.

When you are deer hunting Kodiak with a lodge/ transporter you have to understand right at the beginning that transporters in Alaska fall under the Big Game Commercial Services Board and there are very specific rules and regulations that the transporter MUST follow in order to maintain his/ her license and not face huge fines and penalties. These rules and regulations are designed to ensure that Transporters do not work as a guide in any facet of your deer hunt Kodiak. Once all the rules and regulations are understood by the hunter they can deer hunt Kodiak with the assistance of a lodge/ transporter successfully. To deer hunt Kodiak with a lodge/ transporter you will find a transporter who will provide a mandatory transport contract with you stating all transport services provided, where and when the drop off and pick up points will be, what species will be hunted, name, address, and contact information of hunter to be transported. To provide information pertaining to drop off and pick up location/ locations in the field you the hunter will need to do your research on the area you want to deer hunt Kodiak.

Although the transporter cannot assist with providing hunt information or hunt locations they can, if transporting by boat, offer multiple locations within their range where they can safely take a boat to shore. You will then determine which of those places within fuel range that are safely accessible that you desire to be dropped and picked up. At this point of planning your deer hunt Kodiak you can contact the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Kodiak for assistance. The Fish and Game folks will provide knowledge and information pertaining to deer populations in your areas of interest which should assist your decision making.

Once your deer hunting Kodiak begins most lodges will start the morning with breakfast and provide you with a packed lunch. You will then head down to the boat with all of your gear where the transporter will take your group to your destination and drop you off at the beach. You will self guide yourselves all day long and then be picked back up at the pre-determined location. You must be clear that while running the boat or dropping or picking up the transporter cannot assist in any way. They cannot point out game if they see it. They cannot offer suggestions of different locations to hunt. They also cannot provide any hunting or other type of gear to the hunter.

Once your deer hunting Kodiak has been successful the transporter will pick you, your meat, and your trophy up at the pre-determined beach. You as the hunter must also understand at this time that any game or hunting violations noticed by the transporter MUST be reported to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game or the Troopers. You must follow all regulations in the taking, tagging, and field dressing of your game to include required meat salvage. Once back at the lodge most lodges will have a location where you can process your deer. This is another regulatory area for the transporter pertaining to your deer hunting Kodiak. The transporter cannot provide any knives, bags, lines, rope, saws, or any tools to assist with the processing of the meat or the caping of your trophy. Be sure to plan ahead for your hunt and come prepared.

This writing was intended to demonstrate that you can deer hunt Kodiak very successfully with a lodge/ transporter as long as you are willing to do a little research in advance. You will need to research your hunt area as well as be very meticulous in planning what you will need to bring with you in order to spot, stalk, shoot, field dress, process, and cape your deer. Do your homework and you will find a reputable lodge/ transporter to enjoy a successful deer hunt Kodiak. Captain James Stegall

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