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Adventure of a Lifetime

Where is the 10 star option?! Captain James and his team were fantastic! We visited port lions lodge in early September for DIY Sitka blacktail deer, silver salmon, and some impromptu bear viewing (and unexpected up close encounters). The staff were awesome- genuinely caring, friendly and just great to be around. The food was amazing. Marilyn served up Delicious meals and it was great to be welcomed back with the smell of dinner after a long day hunting and fishing!!! The accommodations were clean, neat, and stunningly located on ocean front property. The boats were in great condition, and the crew knew what they were doing. Captain Marvin was fantastic as well. My only complaint was that the silver salmon didn’t cooperate as we’d have hoped. We took several nice bucks and some nice fish. Will never forget it and I hope to be back next time for some ducks!!!

Adam W
September, 2016

A Great Alaskan Adventure

My buddy and I had an outstanding time with Captain James and his crew. We were able to experience Kodiak in all its wild glory. We had some great hunting, fishing and saw some of the famous Kodiak bears. The early season hunting was really fantastic and our take included a whopper. 
The staff really went over and above the call of duty to ensure that we had a great time. The food was great and despite all the hiking we did, I came back a little heavier than when I left…. okay….. thirds on the Seafood Lasagna could have been a contributing factor! 
We had a great time and look forward to coming back to sample some more of what the island and the Lodge has to offer!

Lisa T
September, 2016

Ice Cream Bears and Halibut

Went with a bunch of college buddies – we graduated from the University of Wyoming around 1976 so this was a 40th reunion trip. Kodiak, AK – what’s not to like? We had great ocean fishing – halibut was the best. We arrived too late – or was it early – for the Kings, but Captain James and Marvin and Abner were great. We had boat trouble one day, and another was arranged and outfitted in about 30 minutes. Foot was fantastic, accommodations great and the scenery once again out of this world. This was my second trip to AK, and it was once again a trip(s) of a lifetime. If you want to target a specific species of AK fish, do your research carefully. And remember, the fish are not on your calendar. Local history, friendliness of the people . . . there was only one thing missing – and that was the rest of our group who bailed out on us. Just remember, ‘this ain’t no game’ 🙂

David F
August, 2016

A Great Alaskan Adventure

Capt James and his staff provided a fantastic fishing experience for our group. The family style meal service was better than we expected. The sleeping acomodations were clean and comfortable. Captain James and Captain Marvin always made sure we had a productive fishing experience each day. Their deep knowledge of the waters was invaluable. James and his staff make you feel as though you’re vacationing with family. Overall, it was a great experience for our group and I highly recommend Port Lions Lodge.

Brian R
June 2016

Best Fishing Ever

I just finished a five day fishing trip with Capt James and Capt Marvin. Our group of 8 friends and family (ages 13-70) found our accommodations wonderful for the activity we were intent upon. But the outstanding feature of this lodge is the people who fed us, provided us excellent guidance for fishing, and who befriended us. We joked, we fished hard and often hit the limit on halibut, king salmon, silver salmon, rock bass, and sockeye salmon. From the time we booked our stay many months ago, we were advised and provided for by Capt James Stegall. All of us were treated to a week that far exceeded our expectations. We are already talking about a return trip and we just got back to our homes in the lower 48!!

July 6, 2015

Best in Alaska!

I have been going up to Alaska from Colorado for the past twenty years, fishing out of Seward and the Kenai Peninsula. On each trip, I have rented a SUV, made fishing reservations with local charters, and paid to have my fish processed. Meals were an afterthought and never memorable. All of that changed last year when I discovered Port Lions Lodge and Captain James Stegall. My son, who is thirty-two years old and who has accompanied me on many trips to Alaska, said he never wants to go anywhere else. The reason for this is that going to Port Lions Lodge is like taking an all inclusive vacation. Once you arrive, Captain James and his memorable team take care of everything. Upon landing in Kodiak, we were met in a timely manner and then transported to Port Lions Lodge on one of the Captain’s fully outfitted boats. This is a distinct advantage on Kodiak since some of the other lodges require that you take a flight to get there and adverse weather conditions often cause lengthy delays. When we arrived at the Lodge, Patti Stegall had numerous appetizers set out to welcome us. The dinner that first night was all home cooked and truly delicious. Captain James and Captain Marvin are both excellent fishing guides. We began each day with a hot breakfast and a huge packed lunch to take on-board. We left the Lodge around 7:30 am and got back around 4 pm. We both caught our limit each day and then were able to relax and await another perfect dinner while our daily catch was processed. After three days of fishing, we flew back to Colorado with 150 pounds of salmon, halibut, lingcod, and rockfish. It truly was a most memorable trip and one that I hope to repeat in the near future. Hats off to Port Lions Lodge for doing it right and for hosting the best fishing adventure of our lives.  

Colo Vagabond
January 17, 2015

Let’s start with our arrival on Kodiak Island, with Captain James personally picking us up at the airport and ferrying us over to Port Lions in his well equipped and very comfortable fishing vessel. Coming from Florida and the Maritimes, we had been on many guide boats, and none have been better equipped or staffed than what Port Lions offers. There is no attention to detail that is missed (whether referred to fishing gear, or top-of-the line binoculars to view the bears and whales from the boat). The lodge itself had a spectacular, panoramic view. Decorated with impressive game and fish trophies, the common areas were very spacious and accommodating (with books, games, etc). The beds were incredibly comfortable…without a doubt, the best sleep we had in Alaska…by a long shot! Dining at the lodge was equally impressive…I can’t say enough about it. Their food would challenge any 5 star restaurant in Alaska. Appetizers were waiting for us when we got off the boat and the main course was delectable and no one left the table hungry. Desserts were out of this world. We wanted to steal the chef and take her home with us. Fishing was a great success…we caught our limit of halibut within an hour. I am NO master fisherman by any means, but Captain James made it so easy. Captain James also had an eye for spotting wildlife and we saw dozens of whales with one breaching numerous times and another breaching within 30-40 yards of the boat (keep the film rolling!). We were also very impressed with his close relationship with his peers and their willingness to work together and share information to maximize everyone’s fishing/hunting experience. Absolutely a memorable experience. If you really want to challenge Captain James, ask him to “find the honey” or to play his absolutely favorite game- Pictionary. 🙂

Tania D

We met Patti and James at the Sportsmen’s Expo in Sacramento after deciding to check out outfitters in Alaska for a trip in 2013. After shopping around there was no question that Port Lions had what we wanted. And did they deliver! The boats were roomy for the four of us and crew. We spent 8-9 hours fishing each day and we caught our daily limits. One of the best things about fishing with them was the variety of fish we caught: halibut, silver and king salmon, rock cod, grey cod, ling cod, and even an octopus! Fishing for fresh silvers was the highlight of my trip. They were jumping like crazy and they would hit our lures hard. What a blast! Also, one of the guys on our boat caught a 150 lb halibut! The food was excellent. Lunches were packed with delicious goodies and it was always more than we could eat. Breakfasts and dinners were so yummy. To our surprise we were given a recipe book with the meals we had during the week. They will certainly be used with the 250 lbs of fish the two of us brought back! We were a party of two, and were paired with another couple on the boat that had very similar interests – we are fishing fanatics and photography buffs. There was also a party of 5 there and the after dinner conversations were lively. The accommodations were spacious. In the evenings you could go on a walk for miles if you wanted to. There is a walking bridge to the other side of the island, a cemetery and a gorgeous view of the bay to check out, or a quick walk to the falls to look at a salmon run. Off the front deck you could watch bald eagles, otters, salmon jumping, and sunrises. If you are into wildlife viewing or photography they will take care of you. We photographed Kodiak brown bears (thank you again James!), humpback whales (breaching!), puffins, sea otters, kittiwake’s, bald eagles and more. These opportunities were always close to our fishing spots which made it easy to slip in some photos and then go get your line in the water without any down time. The staff were so nice! Captain James and Captain Marvin, deck hand Brian, Patti in the kitchen (with Roxanne’s help), and Andy and Brianna working on our fish each evening (sorry if I misspelled names). The morning we left James transported us to Kodiak by boat to catch our flight. The sun was beginning to rise, and in front of us a humpback whale breached several times in front of us. What a way to end a trip. WE WILL BE BACK and we hope to bring our families with us.

Kathy B

Our hosts, James and Patti Stegall, at the Port Lions Lodge provided us with the most memorable fishing trip that we had ever experience. The 5 day, 6 night package includes just about everything that we needed to give us one of the finest vacation and the best fishing. My husband and I just recently spent a week at the Lodge and feel that Captain James and Captain Marvin took us to the best places around the these Alaskan islands to catch the trophy fish as well as plenty to take home for a full freezer. Patti provides all of the meals which are a culinary delight. She has mastered home made breads and her fish dishes are superior. The scenery is “all Alaska”. There are beautiful mountainous islands all around. You may see the usual Alaskan wildlife on a daily basis such as bears, eagles, sea lions, whales, sea otters, puffins, and of course the fish that you will catch will be either halibut, salmon, black rockfish, yellow eye or lingcod just to name a few. James and Patti made sure that we were comfortable and they made sure we had a great time which we did. We hope to return soon.

Bonita S

James and Patti operate an outstanding fishing and nature viewing retreat, in Port Lion’s Lodge. The food was very good and there was always more than one could eat. As you fish with James you become aware of his great depth of experience and he uses this to consistently produce limits for his clients. Additionally he is quick to share his experience and help one become a better fisherman for those interested. He is always watching his customers to make sure their needs are met and Patti does the same back at the lodge. Simply put they offer outstanding service in one of the most beautiful environments in the world.

Phil K

We went to Port Lions lodge for vacation in June 2013 and it was a truly a trip of a lifetime. Jim put us on fish everyday and we never went back to the lodge without our limits of Halibut, Rockfish, or Salmon depending on what we were fishing. The fact that we got to stream fish and ocean fish made it so we got the best of both worlds. The lodge was excellent with incredible views and the food was excellent. Jim and Patti are great people who try their hardest to make you comfortable and feel right at home. I can’t wait to go back!

Dwight K

My brother and i have visited Port Lions lodge the last 5 years. We always catch lots of fish, but this is only part of the attraction. The setting of the lodge is outstanding with post card views in almost every direction. Captain James and Patti make everyone feel like family and Patti is a great cook. My brother and i love to fish and this is the perfect setting. It is away from the crowds found in many parts of Alaska. It is not unusual to spend the day on the water and only see a few other charter boats.and the opportunities to catch fish are limitless. We always catch, salmon, halibut and about every species of bottom fish available including huge LIng Cod. This area is full of like we always see, whales, Orcas, seals, otters, Puffins, Eagles, fox, deer and an occasional bear..I would recommend this lodge to anyone looking forward to some great fishing, camraderie and spending a week with some really good people. It has become the highlight of my Summer.

Mike R

Just came back from a week at Port Lions Lodge. The hosts, James and Patty, were both top-notch. James was a great skipper and worked hard to keep us on fish. Patty prepared excellent meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Accommodations are very comfortable. They fillet, freeze, and package your catch so all you have to do is to decide how much to take home. We caught a combination of halibut, salmon, and rockfish. Great overall experience for the experienced or novice fisherman. I’m not a photographer, but the wildlife and scenery were fantastic for those that enjoy that.

Mert B

The port lions lodge was a true fishing adventure. James and Patty made us feel very comfortable. The lodge was very nice, and Patty’s cooking was amazing every single day. James’ team prepared our catch every day, and the haul of fresh halibut, cod, rock fish and salmon will be great to eat for months to come. I would come back again. It was a wonderful vacation. Thank you Port Lions Lodge!

Ken M

I have fished all over the US and Canada. This is the best Salmon and Halibut fishing we have ever experienced, and it was not a one time thing. We have fished here four different years and have had great fishing every time. The lodge is top notch and the food was great.

Shane Savage

Other than the weather, it was a great experience. Patti is almost doing too good if that makes any sense to say. My damn pants were tighter when I got back, HA! Being the friends we are it feels kind of weird to be served like that both with the food and dining service and also yours on the boat. What I am saying is it’s very professional all the time and you feel very pampered which is why it’s kind of weird for me but don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the heck out of it. The girls you have helping are also very professional and courteous. The house was very clean and tidy just like you’d expect at any place you pay to stay the night away from home. Concerning your efforts as a Charter Boat Captain, I don’t know how much of this I read from you because we have been friends a long time but it’s very clear you are concerned about your guests having a good time and catching fish. I know how hard the weather is to work around to still be able to find a place to catch fish without getting your butt kicked by it or just simply being or ending up in a dangerous situation. You had me convinced that your wheels were constantly turning on how best to manage that and gave me the impression that you had knowledge of where to go and when you could safely go there. I really do think that even those you just met would get those feelings too and even though I know we are among your favorites to have on the boat, I still believe you want everyone to have the same experience. I really think the only thing that may hold up some folks we know from/through this business (ADI – your former business with me) from coming is just the aspect of travel getting all the way out there. Whether it’s the time or the money or both probably factors in for some people. Once you have been there though, you realize how worth it and necessary it is. Your setting is perfect and beautiful. Seward is a cool town with beautiful scenery where you can go out and do some good fishing from but it’s cooler to be way remote at your place but then be so close to the fish, especially when those reds are right there in town! I’ll be keeping that in mind for next time, I won’t forget.

Bob O