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Bear Viewing

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If you have booked a full week fishing vacation during July, August, or September you will have the opportunity to do a half-day bear viewing from the boat. The location where we view the bears is approximately 45 minutes from the lodge and very close to one of our favorite fishing spots. You will have the opportunity to photograph Kodiak Brown Bears from the bow of the boat while watching them diving and splashing for salmon. So fun to watch!

Our Kodiak Brown Bear Viewing exclusive trips can be based out of the lodge or scheduled as a pick up and drop off at Anton Larson Bay on the road system from the city of Kodiak. After about an hour long leisurely boat ride we will pull up to a hatchery where pink salmon are trapped at low tide and the bears are going wild frolicking and diving for them. This excursion will give you the opportunity to take close up photos of these bears from the bow of the boat. After viewing the bears you will be returned to the dock at Anton Larson Bay or back to the lodge if you are doing overnight excursions with Port Lions Lodge.

You can also schedule a “Fly Out” Bear Viewing with Andrew Air and they will take you in their high end Beaver Aircraft on Floats and land you close to the bears. They will also fly you over glaciers, streams packed with fish, and majestic views of the Alaska Peninsula. Their trips are well worth a day as you will experience Alaska from a whole different perspective. For more information contact us and we will help set up your trip.